Iririki Property

Unique properties for sale on Iririki island, Vanuatu

"And it was good to be a little Island.
A part of the world
and a world of its own
All surrounded by the bright blue sea

Properties for sale

Land Lot 1, Iririki Island.                          USD $250,000



Land Lot 2, Iririki Island                           USD $250,000         


Penthouse Apartment 116/216               USD $495,000


Studio Apartment 314                             USD $150,000



Studio Apartment 315                             USD $150,000



Land Lots

Iririki Island, Vanuatu

Iririki Island is located in Port Vila's amazing natural harbour. Clean and uncluttered, Port Vila's waterfront area is so unpolluted visitors are stunned to look down and see live coral and tropical fish.


Port Vila, Vanuatu's capital city, is the country's international  gateway and the airport is just a few miles from the town. Port Vila is 3 hours from Sydney,  2 hours from Brisbane and just over 2 hours from Auckland, New Zealand. A short flight connects Port Vila to Fiji with good connections to Hong Kong and Asia. Noumea is also a short flight away and it connects with flights to Europe.

Iririki Island is a short 3 minute ferry ride from Port Vila, Iririki Island offers the perfect balance between peaceful seclusion and convenience to shopping and restaurants.

Iririki Island's Resort & Spa is one of the top holiday destinations in Vanuatu.

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